Amazon.. Amazin.. Amazing..

Now let me tell you something I am passionate about..

This post will really set the tone for this blog.

I discovered Amazon in 2012.. At this point I was just getting the hang of how to use the site and bought a few random things here and there.

It is now 7 years later and I can say that I am an Amazon pro/addict.

My obsession started my first year of college. I one, always had my computer on me, but I also would need books and things for my dorm room..

But once I discovered I could buy going out clothes on the site as well, it was all over. From shoes to bodysuits and crop tops.. Amazon was and still is, my go-to shopping site.

1: The shoes & bodysuit 2: Shoes

As the years went on, the mailroom at my campus really started to get to know me and my friends always knew that when a package arrived, it was most likely mine. I at some point, would have a package delivered on a daily basis. Even my bosses knew about my obsession and got me an Amazon gift card as a going away present when I graduated.

Being in school really made it worth it for me because I had a student account, which is a fraction of the price! & hey, most of the things I bought on Amazon were under $10-20.

The photos below are from my apartment at school..

1: The pink couch is a pull out. 2: The canvas painting, comforter and giraffe pillow

At this point in my life, I have a Prime Credit Card and get 5% back on all my purchases from there.. PLUS I got a $75 gift card when I signed up.

I now live in an apartment and have literally designed my whole place with things from Amazon and most of them came with 2-4 year warranties for only $3-5 more.. and trust me, I know it seems like I am trying to sell Amazon to you, but really I love the site that much.

This is my apartment

Now let me tell you how easy it is to find these amazing products!

Amazon makes it easy with themes because all you have to do is type in a color or idea in the search engine and a million and one different things appear. For me, I like using the filter tool to help focus my search on specific things. I would normally type in a particular feature on a piece of clothing, like mesh for example, and then would choose prime, women’s fashion and under $25.. In this case, I have a theme in my room: I wanted to go with blue-turquoise colors w/ grey, pink, and silver tones.

(peep the video above)

Now the photos below are amazon images as well as my own.

The first photo is a 3D virtual image of the couch I chose for my living room. Amazon has this amazing feature where you can get a virtual image on your phone and see what may work best in your space. It is super cool and helpful. It really helped me see what my couch would look like considering it is a bold color.

Not only is it a couch, but it also pulls out into a bed! Perfect for when I have guests stays over considering my space is a kitchen/living room and bedroom. PLUS I got a 3 year warranty ($5) on the couch in case anything were to happen (which let me tell you, my dog has done a number on it already).

The Keurig and Knife Set above is also from amazon and also had the option of getting a warranty for only a couple bucks! Super worth it.

Now like I said in previous posts, I love my skulls.. so naturally I had to buy that creepy, but cool shower curtain as well as the spoons, despite the fact that they have holes in them.

Now I hope I did not bore you with this post, but I just had to show how Amazon can be used for so many different things.. and my favorite would be the ability to express yourself for a lower price, as well as having the guarantee to get your money back if anything were to go wrong.

p.s. I know you are probably curious how I have so much faith in the fact that I am receiving what I am ordering in perfect condition, but I will dive more into that in future posts! -SAR

Part II:

Confessions of a Shopaholic…

I must confess that I have a huge shopping problem. Last night when I thought to make this blog, I received two packages filled with new shoes and clothes.. but mind you I cannot manage to find enough closet space and hangers for the clothes I currently have.

From High School, to college, and now a full time worker, I have been known to be the friend who has the outfit for every occasion. Whether we are going to a bar or out in AC, my friends come to me to help complete their look, which I love! I always wanted to go to school for fashion, but I went for business instead.. which is broad enough to make my way into the fashion, right?

I guess I could say that is one of my dreams.. to become an influencer in the fashion world.

It definitely does not seem easy, but I am ready to broaden my horizons and do and experience as much as I can in these next coming years, because this will help shape the rest of my life.

p.s. I am not just relying on fashion, I have a few other upcoming plans to uncover in my next few posts. – SAR

ShoeDazzle & FashionNova

The Journey Begins

Since this is my first post, I suppose I should give some background on myself. I am in my Tasteful Twenties. While working full time, I manage to be a full time shopping addict as well. My store of choice, believe it or not, is Amazon. Although not all of my clothes are from there, I can say a good 75%, if not more, is.

I’ve decided to do a blog to explain my experiences and let out a few of my many thoughts/ideas.

ps. I have had the longest obsession with Skulls -SAR